Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello Ladies!!
I am REALLY REALLY SORRY for this much delayed Post.I am very sorry Asha (My secret sweetheart).There was so much going on in life.But finally here are the pics of  most adorable gift I received from my darling sweetheart Asha.Thanx a lot dear,you made my day.So have a look.
 She has sent me this adorable box.Look at it ,isnt it soooooooooooooo cutttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee.OH I LOVE IT!!
 And Inside the box were the most amazing note cards along with some wonderful tags and a beautiful card and and and not just this but a pack of cookies too.Wonderfully packed and every one in the house was so excited to see all those stuff.I am really obliged.
Thanx a lot are the  sweetest.And I am lucky to have you as my friend.


  1. Lucky you Mansi!! I am so eying those cookies :D

  2. woo,hoo, ur the lucky girl to get those card sets?,..lovely set of goodies:)))

  3. Wow are one lucky girl.....I am sure you must have had a great time opening your goodies.

  4. Oh! Mansi.... It was not much though... I kept putting them together & still found it less... & now seeing the pics, I really feel it is very less..... Hope to make up for it some other time..... I'm glad u liked them.. Thank U!!! :D


  5. HI girl...Im so glad to meet and glad you came out from your quiet following! lol I appreciate you leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I love flowers and if something if pink its even better!
    Once agian, thanks for being a follower!
    hugs and love

  6. Oh someone has been spoilt, lots of lovely goodies. With love and hugs Shirleyxx

  7. Oh what lovelies to receive in the mail! :)

    Hope you are doing well!

  8. Hi Mansi you were asking about where I get my flowers from, I actually get them from Wild Orchid
    and Mulberry Flowers
    but you will find them on Ebay to, under Mulberry Flowers and you might find they are easier for you from there as they ship them from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaya
    Hope this helps. with love and hugs Shirleyxxxx


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