Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Birthday Candy updated

hi gals!!
As promised I am back with with the die cuts pics,so here they are...
 I have tried to add lots of colors and variety(some of the flowers and swirls are cut in felt,the colors which were available with me )HEY CAN ANY ONE TELL ME WHERE I CAN BUY FELT FROM??D
sorry,back to the post,these r just a part of the give away and not the whole thing as I will CUSTOMIZE the GIVE AWAY as per the winners wish.AND THERE WILL BE i have still not opened all my dies....and there will be embossed sheets also.

 Also there are 10 paper dolls with hair wigs for both boy and girl plus there dress ups,shoes,slippers,etc and also stamped face expressions.

 Adding the older pics too

please link your self with MR. LINKY at my birthday candy and dont forget to become a follower and link it to your sidebar...also i would love to read your valuable comments.


  1. thats a real cool candy. Would lave to get these. And I , too would like to know about felt.

  2. dats so sweet of u... just wondering where the mr. linky is... culdnt locate it beneath the post...


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