Sunday, June 19, 2011

75 years of life in 1 ALBUM

Hi Ladies!!!
First of all I want to apologize to all of you for being MIA for over a month.It was madning last month.I was sooooo soooo occupied with sooo much.My summer camp with kids,then craft classes,my brother's engagement,and lastly my daughter's driver.The days just vanished.
          Ok this is what I made in those few days.This scrapbook was done on order for my friends grandpa's 75th Birthday.So check it out gals,and please leave me your feedback.


  1. Seriously loved the quality of work on it..... Something to be TREASURED forever..... Kudos to all the efforts u put into it..... Loved it beyond words!!!


  2. I love how beautifully you use your punches :) Love the scrapbook!

    Its good to see you back!

  3. wow.. beautiful scrapbook.. love the way you arranged the pics and decorated with the is awesome dear...

  4. Gorgeous scrapbook.Loved the use of punches....You have created something that you as well as your family will cherish it for a long time

  5. Wow what a lot of work. A gorgeous trip down memory lane!

  6. This is stunningly awesome!! loved the amount of work you put into it!
    There's so much inspiration in this one album!!
    p.s what size is the book and what size rings you used?

    Seriously beautiful use of your punches!!

  7. Wow mansi, had been waiting to see ur creations..this surely makes up for the lost time :) Treat to eyes !

  8. Awesome work Mansi! What a great album! :)

  9. beautiful vintage look... loved all the border punch..

  10. WOW! You came back with a bang! Lots of work and love has been put in making this! This is absolutely fabulous!

  11. hey this is simply adorable!! first time here..gladly following visit me somtime


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